15 Things About Me


I’ve been blogging for about four years now and only recently realized I hadn’t put myself out there on a personal level. I guess a part of me was scared of judgment via oversharing and also valued the sanctity of privacy. But the more articles and blogs I read, the more I become aware of the common denominator – these women are sharing so much about their lives with their readers, and as a reader, I love it. To be honest, there were so many times when I wanted to share what went on in my life partially because I needed just a tiny bit of affirmation that we are in fact not going through life alone and mostly because I wanted other girls to know, they’re not alone.

Growing up in the suburbs of Boston and then moving to NYC at age 18 not knowing a soul who lived there was a major turning point in my life. It was absolutely tough and I’ve definitely hit rock bottom several times here. In tough moments and in the happiest of moments, I think it is important to remember, we are never alone in our little journey here on Earth and that everything is better when we have more people to celebrate life with. So in effort to share more about myself, I have taken some time to sit down and think about some 15 important things to know about me. Let’s consider them the pillars of my being.


  1. When it comes to hair and make-up, I consider myself to be low maintenance or, in other words, lazy. I prefer to and do my best to embrace a more natural look and find ways to emphasize my features without having a strong desire to make myself look like someone else.

  2. That said, my skincare routine is strict! Even if I am drunk out of my mind or tired beyond comprehension, I will always thoroughly wash my face and put on my layers of skin care before bed and in the morning.
  3. I was a tomboy since the age of 7. As far as I could remember, I wanted to dress like my dad – polo shirts and knee-length shorts. Everything my brother did, I would do. I love sports especially American football.
  4. Since my teens, I had a very low self esteem (who didn’t?!) and struggled with depression on and off. Truth be told, I still do struggle with it. I’m generally a very happy-go-lucky, bubbly person but when I get down, it’s a spiral of negativity. I’ve been working on getting better since I’ve found solace in meditation and spiritualism.
  5. Speaking of which, I am a hugely spiritual person and have been since the moment I was “alone” in NYC. No boyfriend to lean on (serial is a strong word but…  I am a “one step below serial” relationship girl), my best friend and family were miles away. I felt I had to find myself and create who I wanted to be and in order to do that, I needed to drown out the noise of my own insecurities which is where spirituality and meditation came in. Ram Dass is the man who inspired this particular life-changing chapter.
  6. I’m half Cambodian and half Vietnamese. I’ve been to both countries and absolutely LOVE it.
  7. I love working out because I believe it keeps the mind and body young, it releases tension and stress, it allows me to have a more calm demeanor in stressful situations as it strengthens my mental acuity by focusing and zoning in on the task at hand and by pushing myself further and further to achieve more.
  8. My drink of choice is water with lemon, always. I rarely drink alcohol. Maybe 1-2 times a month!
  9. My all time favorite designers/brands are Celine (Phoebe Philo), The Row, Saint Laurent, Gucci (Alessandro Michele), and of course, Valentino and Chanel.
  10. True story: My boyfriend and I met almost 5 years ago in Washington Sq Park. We sat in the park and spoke for six hours straight. Very serendipitous.

  11. I graduated Parsons in 2016 in Strategic Design and Management. I originally wanted to major in Fashion Design but I didn’t develop my sewing skills until I took classes there.
  12. My ” if you were stranded on an island” food is really good Pad Thai or just Thai food in general. ALL DAY.
  13. I played the violin for 8 years in an orchestra.
  14. I am a Capricorn but seeing as my birthday falls on December 22nd, I strongly feel I am cusp Sagittarius.
  15. Favorite things in life: clothes, food, music, books, writing, nature, family, love, and laughter.



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