A Bag With a Message

“I am Beautiful”

Powerful message in such few words. These are the words we should be telling ourselves. This is the type of message – a message of self-love – that we should be promoting and encouraging. Too often and too easily, we become our worst critic. I myself am guilty of being overly harsh on my efforts and on myself as a whole. Social media, work, even your personal life, has a way of eating you up and swallowing your sense of confidence and reducing that self-love, if you let it. It’s easy to compare lives, and external beauty, and wardrobes, and wonder if what you have is enough?

Well, I will take the time to write to you – reading this – and tell you that everything you are and everything you have is perfectly enough. You truly do not need more, just for the sake of having what someone else has or for the appearance of a certain lifestyle. All of what you think you lack, is really an edge that you can cultivate into strength. All of what you believe is good about yourself is something that someone else loves. And that unique mix of what you “lack” versus what you have (the tangible and intangible), makes you you. There is only one of you in this entire world, in this unknown universe. And for that reason alone, I feel is enough to tell yourself kind words and remind yourself of how special you are. Honestly, it’s really nice having something to remind you of these things when you may forget to remind yourself!

What’s great about Kondor bags is that each bag has a positive message inside and it’s super versatile. The Thani bag I’m wearing comes with two different straps – one chain strap and one embroidered strap. The embroidered strap comes in different colors and the bag is available in black as well, to match pretty much all of our closets. You’ll find there are so many ways to style this bag over and over, it will feel like new each time you wear it.

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