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If you know me, you know I pretty much love menswear and regularly incorporate menswear influences in my daily outfits. It keeps things uncomplicated, effortlessly polished, and adds a cool vibe to everything. In today’s post, the menswear touch is in the arm party and the button up, paired with rather feminine, floral, velvet pumps.

So I wore my beau’s shirt to work once and it was a hit (in my mind). Comfortable, loosely fitted, and the perfect cut and length. So I decided to wear it again to work the following week with boyfriend jeans and floral velvet pumps. I loved the contrast between highly feminine florals and manly watches and a perfectly tailored shirt. That’s the thing about men’s suiting – the tailoring must be, and usually always is, impeccable. I seriously love cross dressing in a light, subtle way. It’s too much fun!

I love layering, so naturally, since the summer prevents me from doing ma thang (in which layering limits me to fall and winter), I decided to layer on my wrist which I will admit, I RARELY do because sometimes it gets in the way of my typing and hand washing and my overall general clumsiness. It may seem ridiculous at first but I’ll keep it real, feeling ridiculous due to layering two big men’s watches on one wrist, never felt so good. I’d be ridiculous everyday layering on watches if I felt like I wouldn’t ever accidentally scratch or lose it. Hm, maybe I’ll adopt this for a daily thing. I kind of miss wearing so much stuff on my wrists/arms. Oh yeah, I added an arm cuff to accentuate the bicep situation!

Hope you guys enjoyed my latest look! More and more to come.





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  1. Frankie Hayman
    July 4, 2016 / 8:04 pm

    Hi there

    Where are you shoes from? x

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