Dreams in Silk

January 30, 2017

Lately, I’ve really been into the idea of lounging in luxury. What does that mean? To each person, it may mean something different. To me, it means after a long warm soaking bath, hopping into some silk pajamas, and sitting in bed watching my favorite old movies or my ultimate favorite – Sex and the City – accompanied with some snacks, of course. I’ve taken time to get rid of some old loungwear that just didn’t make me feel anything when I wore it. It was just something to wear. In effort of adding meaning into my day to day routines, I thought it would be best to start with my wardrobe and how each piece of clothing makes me feel. It can really make an impact on the quality of your day whether it is a long and drab Monday, a fun and adventurous Saturday, or a lazy Sunday.

What’s great about my new Grana silk PJ’s is that it is actually super chic to wear as an outfit. I’ve tried it on with sneakers and with heels and never wore a more comfortable outfit in my life. Truly! Comfortable chic is here to stay. I’m a fan of the pajamas on the street look because it takes some guts and confidence! It’s the most effortless or effortless looks and yet looks so… luxe.

Grana silk PJ top
Grana silk PJ bottom
Grana silk eye mask


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