Whenever I browse through work out gear whether it be sneakers, sports bras, leggings, even compression socks, it somehow always makes me feel motivated to get my lazy bum back into the gym. Or just getting my bum to do things like walk around the city more. Aside from inspiration images, work out videos, or a new playlist filled with Metallica and Kendrick Lamar – new work out gear gets me going like none other. It’s like a second skin, an armor that makes you feel ready more than ever to conquer whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.

I’ve set some goals for myself last December and have stuck to it as best I can – working out more and eating healthier with exception to those days I ate a whole pizza for lunch by myself or indulging in french fries for brunch, lunch, and maybe possibly dinner, too. Hey, it’s healthy to have cheat days. Diets aren’t for everyone and I certainly had a difficult time sticking to it. The struggle will always be real but I do my best.

And that’s the thing about work out gear. There’s always something new and interesting and visually super cool to wear. I occasionally take the dip and buy one or two new pieces to motivate me. But when I’m strapped for cash and spent too much on juices and Sweetgreen, I take a moment to remind myself that motivation comes from within. It should come from within. It should come from a desire to improve oneself on the inside and outside until one feels utterly content. But I think it’s healthy to desire change and improvement. It’s healthy to push yourself to see how far you can go especially in the moment you feel like giving up. Whatever it is that motivates you – new year, new gear? – it’s never too late to start. Just keep moving forward, always forward.

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