October 5, 2016

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I am a big of fan of fashion brands that take time to be transparent with their customers, even if to a certain degree. I think we’ve come far enough along to educate ourselves about the process of producing clothes and how it impacts the world and people who live on it. I personally am interested in where and how clothes get made and if a brand is able to educate me and provide that information out in the open on their website, it makes me more passionate about supporting them and spreading the word about what they do.

Grana describes their brand in very few words yet it is all encompassing:

wardrobe essentials, finest fabrics, honest pricing.

They offer gorgeous pieces – ones that will last you season after season, ones that you can wear season after season. I got the silk camisole and their cashmere t-shirt and truthfully, these two pieces go with everything in my closet. I paired my camisole with trousers and sneakers for a cool, laid back look. I could easily throw on an oversized cardigan or coat and head to the office. I’ve always paired the camisole with high waisted jeans and a fuzzy cardigan for a cozy and comfortable look that is great to wear when transitioning seasons.

I’ve worn my camel cashmere t-shirt with men’s trousers and white sneakers for a dapper-ly men’s inspired look! I’ve also paired it with slouchy jeans, skinny jeans, and boots. You could also pair it with a high waisted skirt or culottes and instantly look polished just because the cashmere shit adds a touch of elegance to anything you pair with it.

My rule is – I only buy something if I can wear it with at least 3 different pieces for 3 different looks altogether. Grana is my go to for the wardrobe staples. And because I am a fan of shopping wardrobe staples, I would love nothing more but to share it with you. Use my code LINHxGRANA for 10% off and free shipping worldwide only until the end of October 2016! See you there! x


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