Grey Matter

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If you’re striving for simplicity, a monochromatic look is the answer. Even if you have a top that is a slightly lighter or darker version of your slacks, you should still experiment and try pairing it together. What makes a monochrome look interesting and photographically interesting, is mixing patterns or textures. It’s one of my favorite things to do: combine pieces of the same color family with different textures.

The trousers I’m wearing are actually a sample sale grab from Club Monaco. And it’s mens’. Mens’ trousers are THE best tailoring-wise and the textile is always so on point. My beau/photographer styled them by hiking them up to look like high-waisted long trousers.  It hit perfectly below the ankle, at that mid point where you want your trousers to be. Long enough without a break = perfection. It has a glen plaid pattern which plays with the subtle heather effect of the off the shoulder top. That’s the kind of subtle effect you want when wearing a monochrome look.

As expensive as this can outfit looks, it probably costs $80 total, excluding the bag, sunnies, and watch, which are the most expensive pieces in the entire look. Invest in those accessories, ladies and gents!

I would love to hear your thoughts about high-low dressing and monochrome looks? Is this something you’d try wearing? Follow me on Instafor sneak peeks of the next look!

Top: H&M
Bottoms: Club Monaco (mens)


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