Health: Beat the Bloat

I rarely speak about my little health journeys but I have increasingly become more aware of my body, internally and externally, lately. I believe that quarantine and spending more time at home has really shed light on my health because I have more time to listen to my body and watch how it responds to certain foods, drinks, to exercise, not exercising. My awareness of my mind and body has definitely heightened.

One of the things, I have been particularly aware of is bloating. I used to eat anything I craved but recently I adjusted my meals to be mainly vegetables, come carbs, and a form of protein. I’ve cut out animal products to see if it helps decrease bloating as well. But as I try to figure out what helps prevent bloating for my body, I have been trying Olly’s soft gel supplements called Beat the Bloat. It has dandelion which traditionally has been used to reduce fluid retention.

Although bloating is not something I talk about often, it is something I experience very often. I’ll admit it always felt a bit embarrassing to talk about bloat or matters of the stomach but the more I share my experience, the more I realize how common it is. For example, today I had a vegan lunch but experienced bloating after the meal to the point where I had to un-button the top few buttons of my pants. It felt so good to come home and just change into something looser. We all know that feeling! But I do want to work on learning my body and what causes it to bloat in order to prevent it. I have been excited to try new things to see how it helps my body to feel more comfortable especially after a meal. I love that Olly is currently focusing on female experiences and have an array of supplements that help a variety of concerns. Check out their site for more and let me know which supplements you’ve tried or if you have any tips for bloating prevention!


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