Laser Hair Removal and What to Expect

One day over lunch, a girlfriend of mine mentioned she had a laser hair removal appointment that morning. My curiosity peaked. Never having to shave or wax ever again?! Yes, please! I’ve vaguely heard about laser hair removal but I never looked into it mainly because I didn’t know much about it to begin with and figured, oh well, I’ve been shaving and waxing for years so that should suffice as far as self-grooming goes (that’s the lazy girl in me talking). In retrospect, the lazy girl in me had it all wrong – laser hair removal would make my life easier. Before my first appointment took place, I had so many questions. How bad does it hurt? How long until I see results? How long does it take to be completely hair free? How long does it last? And the biggest question of all, is it truly worth it?


I chose to get my underarms done for a few major reasons:
1. It’s a pain to shave, as I can never get an even shave and the hair grows back too quickly.
2. Waxing hurts, though it’s a very short lived pain, I was too lazy to constantly get it done (see a pattern here?). Underarms are also prone to ingrown hairs due to waxing which is something I’d like to completely avoid.
3. I needed my underarms to be hairless all throughout the year, not just during summer. I always go to the gym in tank tops and take beach vacations during the winter. This reason made it clear to me that I needed laser hair removal here more than anywhere else.


Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, (conveniently located next to Chanel) on 57th Street between Madison and 5th Ave, was where I went to get laser hair removal and where I will continue to go. At the start of the first few appointments, the owners and technicians evaluated my skin tone and my hair type very carefully and closely in order to choose the right laser to use. Romeo and Juliette uses the the world’s most advanced lasers which to me, says a lot about their investment in researching the best lasers as well as their commitment to producing the best results for their clients. I felt special and unique and definitely cared for. They took their time to explain what the process is like, how they choose what kind of laser to use depending my changing skin tone, and what to expect.


In Romeo and Juliette’s laser hair removal package, touch ups are in included which are super important in order to see proper results and prevent the hair from growing back. It took about a year of scheduled monthly appointments in total but I saw results rather quickly. The hair fell out after my first couple of appointments and soon enough, I barely saw any hair at all. There would be a few stragglers but the hair grew in very, very thinly. It was barely noticeable.

The appointment itself took less than 15 minutes. The laser portion would take about 5 minutes or so since it is a small area to cover. The only thing you have to do is not put deodorant on before and a few hours after your laser appointment. This was a bit tricky for me in the beginning especially during the hot summer months but overall, it was no big deal.


This is the one thing many people ask when on the subject of laser hair removal – does it hurt? And how badly? Pain is subjective, everyone’s threshold is different. Some describe it as feeling like a bunch of little rubber bands snapping on your skin at once. For those who have tattoos and know the pain associated with getting one, I personally feel it is slightly more painful than that but also keep in mind, the underarm is indeed a sensitive area which explains why I felt more pain than if I were to get laser removal on my legs or arms.

Immediately after, the technician would put aloe vera gel on my underarms which helps cool it down and ease the pain. For about a half an hour after the appointment, my underarms would feel a bit sore and red but it quickly subsides.

Now that I have finished my year of appointments, I would say it feels absolutely liberating to never worry if I forgot to shave by the time I’m at the beach or out tanning or even at the gym. I also feel incredibly fortunate to have this service done at a place where I trust the work they do and always am greeted with a warm welcome. The power of lasers are a science in itself which is why it is important to do your own research in order to choose the right place to have laser hair removal done. A lot of places offer this service but I believe only a few really has it down to a science. It’s vital that you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to get it done and where you’re getting it done, because you are investing your time and money into it – both very valuable things. I honestly love the results and couldn’t be happier. Now I am plotting to get more done at Romeo and Juliette simply because I now know it’s worth it.


Note: All opinions are my own.


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