This was my first time to London.

Can you believe it? I know, me neither. If you’ve never been, London is the cleaner, more architecturally stunning version of New York. Everywhere you go, you are bound to come upon a beautiful street lined with symmetrical homes or colorful homes. The people are friendly, the sense of humor is generally quite sarcastic and I love it. There is a variety of food options. The restaurants I went to did not disappoint. Also, they know their tea. I know, it’s so obvious considering London is best known for tea time but I was still very impressed. It makes me think about how sad it is that I have used tea bags instead of straining loose leafs… the PROPER way.

One thing to note if you’ve never been, PLEASE LOOK BOTH WAYS when crossing the street. Embarrassingly enough, I almost got hit and or run over twice; once by a bicyclist while I was trying to look cool for the camera #bloggerproblems and the second time, by a big red bus.

Other than almost meeting my death, London treated me well. The rain held off during the five days I was there which is a serious miracle. Thinking about it? Go, go now! Let me know if you have any questions! Oh! Last thing – head over to Notting Hill for some great vintage shopping.

Snapped during London Fashion Week by Stephen E Sherman.

We all accidentally vibed so perfectly.

During my time in London, my best friend who recently moved there from NYC recommended I stay in this hotel called Leman Locke. After skimming through some photos, I booked a room and mind you, I rarely do so little research before settling on a place to stay. This one won my interior-design-obsessed heart.

The aesthetic is very Scandinavian, the layout and space is quaint, and the whole feeling of the room is as cozy as a hotel could be. It reminded of New York City apartments in terms of space – a small but sufficiently sized kitchen with gorgeous finishes, a dining table for two, and cute L shaped couch in front of a mounted TV, and a queen sized bed separated by half of a wall. The space felt so clean – the cleanest I have ever experience for it being a hotel. Everything felt new. As an Airbnb owner, I really appreciated that and know others would appreciate that greatly as well.

Aside from the room, I loved the restaurant in Leman Locke. I noticed people come here to eat even if they aren’t staying in the hotel. The grill was going and the smell of burgers and charred potatoes were too enticing to say no. I ordered the burger, grilled potatoes with grated cheese, and some tea. From the decor to the food to the service, I could not boast enough about this place. Well done, Leman Locke. If you find yourself traveling here and you don’t mind staying a bit away from the bustling and sometimes hectic Central London, you should consider staying here. And if you do, comment below – I want to hear all about it!


a.k.a interior design heaven. My tip: go to the bathroom while you’re here. I know – weird suggestion. But trust me, it’s something to see.

Oh you know, just posing in front of some peoples’ beautiful, colorful homes.


I highly recommend trying tea time at Hotel Cafe Royal. It’s divine.


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