LUST-WORTHY: Beauty Sleep Realized x Slip Silk Pillowcase


If you must know, I love to sleep. I’m one of those people. I could sleep for 9-10 hours, no problem. Seeing as I spend so much time in bed (I really only get about 7-8 hours a night), I knew my choice of bedding would be vital.

Recently, I heard about the magic of silk pillowcases. My curiosity peaked after the third time I heard about it so naturally, I had to try it for myself to see if it really is sleep-altering. So firstly, you can’t just get any silk pillowcase. Slip uses the highest grade of silk out there. Secondly, if you’re skeptical about believing claims that a product makes, rest assure I have tried this pillowcase for almost 2 weeks now and have made notes about any changes. So my first thoughts on the product are as follows:


Anti-bedhead: It’s so, so perfect for when you get a blowout because instead of the usual cautiousness that I experience while sleeping to keep my hair in its perfect, blowout state, the silk pillowcase is gentle on your hair and prolongs your perfect hair-commercial-blowout.

Anti-aging: Cotton can be rough on your skin simply because of the texture or thread of the cotton. But silk is so fine that your skin feels like it’s gliding across it. There’s no friction, which is important because the skin on our face is naturally quite sensitive in comparison to the rest of our body.

Anti-crease: I sometimes smush the side of my face into my pillow. It just feels right. I actually admit I worried about it wrinkling or creasing my skin. Gravity is real, guys. I did the logical analysis and if I smush my face on the far left side for long enough then gravity will do its job. Once I started sleeping on my silk pillowcase, I didn’t change a thing about my sleeping style and never woke up with crease-y face.

Final thoughts: My skin looks a bit brighter, a bit more naturally luminous. My hair also looks more shiny. I usually wash my hair every other day but after sleeping on Slip Silk for two weeks, I am able to get away with washing it every TWO days. I do highly recommend it to any of you who believe in the power of beauty sleep.


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