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In celebration of reaching 10K on my Instagram account, I am going to be as open and candid as one could possibly be about blogging and about my life behind the blog.

If you’ve ever been on Instagram or a fashion site, or any site really, you know that bloggers have been on the rise for several years now. Blogging is great for many reasons. One of the most valuable things about blogging is learning how to do everything yourself – how to market yourself, how to be your own PR person, how to manage your time and professional relationships, and how to think strategically. It goes beyond wearing cute clothes and great photography and editing. This has been the takeaway from blogging, for me personally, since I started two years ago.

But frankly, it is a saturated industry, which is why it is more difficult to stand out from the rest who have built an established following and platform years ago. That was enough to deter me from starting my own blog. If you know me, you know that I am not a fan of doing what everybody else is doing or wearing what everyone else is wearing. But someone close to me encouraged me to start my own blog because he saw I had a voice and a perspective.

I personally wanted to start a style blog because I love to write, share ideas and tips with others, especially on what to wear and how to wear it. But I also wanted to express myself through my clothes and inspire others to do so as well. It was never about being “Instagram” famous because I enjoy my privacy and I cherish moments kept to myself, as any one of you do. In fact, I think we have more in common than not.

Long story short, I was born and raised in the ‘burbs of Boston. I was always quite a good student; I played violin for eight years and was on the school’s volleyball team (oh, glory days). It was my dreeeam to move to NYC and attend Parsons School of Design. I put all my biscuits in one basket, so to speak, and it happened!  By the way, my parents have no idea what this blogging thing is. But they know how much I have always loved and dedicated myself to fashion. When I was three, I refused pajamas and demanded to wear my party dress.

Since moving to New York, it has been tough at times, demanding, and exhausting… But it has also been awe-inspiring, serendipitous, and an utter dream to live here. It has influenced my style immensely. I would temporarily crawl under a rock if you saw some of the things I used to wear.

All in all, I feel so blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to work with many amazing designers and brands. I’ve met some beautiful people in this industry. I have learned more about myself and have gained a level of confidence I didn’t quite have before. Social media can be tricky. It can affect self-esteem more than ever before, if you let it. Since parts of my life is documented there, just know that those are the good parts. Like you, I also experience the difficult parts and I also contemplate purpose. Know that I strive to be honest in everything I do, including what I write here and what I share with all of you.


Be true to yourself and what you stand for. Do not let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your dreams. After all, there is only one of you and one lifetime to turn your dreams into a reality.

With love,




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