Must Haves For Labor Day Weekend

As depressing as it is that summer is almost coming to an end, the last hoo-rah of summer – Labor Day weekend – mustn’t be anything in the vicinity of sad, mellow, or boring. This is a holiday where you should not only be planning where to get away but most importantly, what you’ll be wearing.

Because I have only began to plan for LDW a couple weeks ago, I was about to put together an excel sheet of what I needed to bring and what I needed to buy to keep track. And then I thought, why put it into an excel sheet (that is the dorky side of me…always using excel sheets for silly lists and simple calculations) when I could have a seat and think on these items and share them here! *Cue sounds of heavenly singing* So below is number one on my list of must haves. First and foremost important – swimwear! Who knew so little clothing could tell so much about you.

Grana launched their new swimwear line recently and they made these gorgeous minimalist, vintage inspired pieces  – it’s the most simple but well made bikinis I have so far. I really want a blush bikini and am itching to get one. Grana’s swimwear line offers rich yet timeless colorways – blush, olive, and black. I’m wearing:

The French Bikini Top
The High-Rise Bikini Brief
The Deep V Swimsuit

Each piece is well under $100 which, I must tell you after searching for days for the perfect bikini, is very refreshing to see. Quality-wise, I am impressed with the thickness in material each time I wear it. It feels durable, comfortable, and sexy in it’s own unique way.


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