Nike Air Force 1

January 9, 2018


Classic. One word that describes every ounce of this sneaker. It’s been a staple in many closets for a long, long time. The nostalgia it carries for some, and the nostalgia it will create for me as I become older is surely everlasting. I get excited finding different ways to style this staple. How do we add a cool, unexpected twist? For winter, I style it with wide leg trousers, both cropped and long with a break. In the fall, I’d usually wear these with Levi’s. During the Spring, I’ll pair a knit skirt or floral flow-y dress to compliment the tomboy-ish nature of these shoes. In the summer, I’ll pair these with cut-off Levi’s shorts. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear the Nike Air Force 1. If only I could get my hands on some AF1’s by Virgil Abloh…



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