I’m a HUGE advocate for having a daily beauty ritual. I believe in washing my make-up off every night, moisturizing twice a day every day, and using SPF irregardless of what the forecast says. But when it comes to beauty, the right products are essential is seeing real results.

For the past few weeks, I have been using Caolion’s Pores Kit which features three amazing masks and one face wash. Peach and Lily, a Korean skin and beauty care curated site, features Caolion’s products and many more amazing products. And to be truthful, I haven’t gotten a facial or been to a spa in years. Years!! I know you share my pain because I mean, who has time to get a facial, a massage, or manicures for that matter! Anyway, back to my pores, let’s just say they were in need of some detoxing.

After the first week of washing my face and using the Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask (the name of this product did it for me), I was hooked. It literally makes your face glow in the most effortless way possible. Trust me, try it, and then let’s talk.

Then I tried the Premium Original Pore Pack which contains glacial clay, Alaskan glacial water, and menthol, which is super soothing and a little spicy – that’s how you know it’s actually working. I feel like it literally is extracting my pores once the mask sets in. You’ll feel the best tingles ever. Try it, and let’s talk.

Lastly, I used the Premium O2 Bubble Pore Pack which bubbles and foams up upon application. It detoxes your pores and cleans them as gently and effectively as possible. I actually just used it before writing this post for the 4th time and finished with the overnight mask.

Guys, when I say I really don’t like giving away secrets… I mean it. But this is a BIG one. I rarely share my top shelf secrets, I mean it’s a girls greatest weapon. Well, one of them. And I just couldn’t not share this because it’s actually on sale at the moment. If you guys pop over to this link here, you’ll be able to basque in the cleanest skin you’ve ever had without the fancy spa prices.

You’re welcome.


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