The Unexpected

An unexpected combination, I thought… How perfect though! I love when things don’t seemingly go together but when you put the combination on and you add your own unique presence and attitude to it, it all just blends naturally.

The normal me would pair these earrings with a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and something cool like mustard velvet mules. The experimental me decided to take these earrings for a spin in my other go-to uniform: a men’s white button down, trousers, sneakers, and a Nike hat (growing out my bangs feels like it will take forever, hence you will see me a lot in hats). I love the cool factor. Something sporty and boyish with something minimal and feminine. Those four words actually describe my personal style in one sweep!

I implore you to have fun with your jewelry! Accessories make an outfit, always. Without these gold pieces, my look would be pretty plain. How would you style this pair? I’d love it see it! In the meantime, maybe you can style these IRL – here’s the link.



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