After London Fashion Week, we ventured to France and Italy – specifically the south of France and Amalfi Coast. Being my first time in Europe, I thought, what an amazing way to take a deep dive into the cultures here. In South of France, we went to Nice, Cannes, and Antibes. Each town had its quirks and characteristics that differentiated it from the next town – it was fun exploring and discovering what each town had to offer.


Nice was beautiful driving in as we drove along the Promenade des Anglais. It was just like how I saw it in movies and pictures – long, scenic, and very romantic looking. We stayed here for 2 days, walked around, fell upon some patisseries, and just explored. We did some touristy things like take an open bus up Castle Hill which was beautiful!


Cannes? We loved Cannes! Maybe it was the endless shopping and cute beach town vibe, but we felt quite comfortable very quickly. We saw where the Cannes film festival takes place – I thought it to be smaller in person but maybe that’s because in photos, all I see is the long, epic red carpet! We went to the old town part of Cannes and that was so fun! I highly recommend walking there and wandering around. It’s beautiful and amazing for architecture/moody photos. The food was great, more Italian food than I had expected but definitely not mad about it! I highly recommend Bobo Bistro! It’s very busy for dinner so it’s best to make a reservation just in case you happen to be in Cannes during its high season. It was so good we ate their twice, two nights in a row.

A cafe I highly recommend to sit outside, people watch, and enjoy a cute little breakfast is Itineraire Cafe. Such delicious coffee and pastry goods. It’s great for a quick bite before you hop on a train to Antibes which is exactly what we did.


Antibes is the most quaint out of all these three towns we visited and most old-worldly. Walking through the streets and towns near the Picasso museum made me feel as though I was walking through a set based in Game of Thrones time. I feel as though I time traveled and sometimes that’s the best thing about vacations and traveling, is being able to take yourself out of the ordinary and expected. The museum was cute and had some amazing pieces. I would highly recommend visiting the museum and walk around for a few hours.

Overall, the south of France was so insanely cute! The people were extremely kind and culture, landscape, and sites were beautiful. If you haven’t been – go. If you’ve already been – go again.

Let me know your thoughts on these places – where you’ve been, what you recommend, or any questions you may have!


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