Tunic Two Ways

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When it comes to styling, one of the more difficult tasks (and one of my personal favorite things to do) is to style a garment over and over. To discover the various different ways I could wear a garment, I take the time to experiment by throwing on accessories here and there, layering pieces, or even seeing how bare and minimal the look could be while still keeping it interesting to look at. To me, this is every bit essential because who has the money or time to wear pieces only once? I recycle everything!

One of the style codes I believe in is: modesty is elegance. And if there is any brand or house that you should refer to for modesty and elegance it isThe Row. They are the epitome of a modern take on modesty and minimalism. There is so much beauty in modesty whether it be in regard to one’s personal qualities or style. It’s bare but strong; subtle yet speaks volumes.
In the back of my mind, The Row was the inspiration for this look. There has always been this special quality that I admire about their aesthetic but felt I could never replicate it in my own street-wear. That is until I found the perfect piece that I immediately could see myself wearing in more than one way. Major win.

I’ve done my research and picked out the best tunic – shirt dresses out there starting at $30. I hope you take the time to wear or try something you wouldn’t normally. It’s key to discovering what you feel most comfortable in and what makes you happy.


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